A Lingerie Love Story - The amanté Honeymoon Lingerie List

You’ve found your prince charming and said yes to the dress, but have you zeroed in onto the most important part of your bridal trousseau? If you’re heading out for your honeymoon just after the wedding, which seems like the most romantic thing to do, then having a few essential pieces in your suitcase is a must. Don’t stress if you’ve missed it, we’ve got a list for you right here.

Bold Bras

A bra that gives you the perfect fit, support and a little extra something is just the thing you need to look fabulous. Our bridal collection has some lovely pieces to choose from.

The Panty Party

There’s nothing more feminine than a flattering pair of hipster panties that accentuate your curves. Feeling adventurous? Pick a pair of thongs and toss them into the mix. You won’t be sorry.

A Cute Chemise or a Babydoll Please

Comfy, feminine and a great idea. Slip into a comfy and pretty chemise for the night. You’ll love it and he will too *wink*. Feel like a diva in a cute and adorable babydolls.

Cover up with a robe

Breakfast with a view of the beach? Roll out of bed and slip on your matching robe as you sip on a steaming cup of coffee.

Bralettes are a great option if you’re headed somewhere tropical. You can pair a zingy colour with a pair of shorts or breezy culottes.

Oh and don’t forget the swimwear! Pick the right piece of swimwear.

Well, hope we were able to help. Use this for your shopping list and we promise, you’ll be sorted.
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