Lingerie Shopping in India - Tips, Tricks and More


“Lingerie shopping in India is a breeze,” Is it really? With a plethora of brands out there, a new one popping up every day now (Thank you social media) confusion is the name of the game.

If you’re wondering what to choose? Are sizes the same across? Ughhhhh.. Well, then you’re in the right place. We’re here and we’re going to tell you HoW to shop for Lingerie and WHAt to keep in mind when you do.

What to look out for when buying a bra?

Wired up? or not.
Underwire bras are great for additional support but should you be wearing them every time? You must have a couple of well-fitting non-wired options too. They help when you’re just not feeling it or want to relax and let your breasts breathe.

If you're the kind who NEEDS to sleep in a bra then make sure it's wireless. You'll still have the comfort and support you crave, minus the health issues.


Material Matters
Go with synthetic fabric for a slimmer fit when choosing panties. Though cotton lingerie is more breathable, the choice of material really boils down to what you need. What you’re planning to wear and what the weather is like. Try to have a more breathable option in your drawer because sweat can’t evaporate from fabrics that don’t breathe. Natural, breathable fabrics like cotton are your best bet. Check out our new range of the Most Comfortable Bras Here.


If it fits, it sits
Wearing a bra that is improperly fitted can cause friction and high sensitivity. Remember to get fitted and know the right size.

Panty Parole: Measure your waist and hips. You’ll be able to find the proper size for your underwear across brands if you know your waist and hip measurements. Use a tape measure to measure your natural waist and the fullest part of your hips so you can choose the most comfortable size for your body.

Use our Fit Calculator to get the perfect fit.

Yes, the world of lingerie can be wild. But lingerie is a woman’s best friend and best-kept secret too. Hope these tips helped!

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