All Day Range by amanté - Our New Most Comfortable Bras

All Day Range by amanté - Our New Most Comfortable Bras

At amanté, we’re all about giving you nothing but the best bras. With WFH trend that’s here to stay, there’s nothing you want more than comfort and a breath of cool air. Sometimes all a girl needs is comfort. A chance to unwind and just be. Now, what if we told you that you could stay comfortable all day long and look wonderful too?

You’d probably say “Spill the beans girl!”

And we’re here to give you just that with our newest lingerie launches.

With work from home being a new reality, amanté’s two new bras from the All Day range come as a breath of fresh and ‘cool’ air just as you need them. Made with lightweight fabric and minus the padding and wiring, these bras are a saving grace and help you beat the monsoon blues so you can breeze through the day in comfort.

Here’s a look at our newest two addition for this season.

Lovable All Day Long Bra

All Day Elegance Bra: This non-padded and non-wired style is made of Supima – the world’s finest cotton. So it’s super soft, durable and most importantly chafe-free. It controls moisture and keeps you cool and comfortable for long hours. Designed to provide optimum neckline and side coverage, the cups are made of double-layered fleece-lining for that extra coverage.

Padded Bra

All Day Lounge Bra: This bra is made of baby-soft cotton fabric and the best part is, you just slip it on and you’re done. Designed to move with this, this bra is non-padded & non-wired and is a perfect bra for your everyday wear. It comes with additional cradle support so you can wear it under a T-shirt or decide to just lounge in it as is. With bagged-out wings, there’s no elastic touching your skin so there’s no poking or pinching!

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