Why Is It Best For You To Switch To Cotton Panties?


From boyshorts to lacy thongs and bikini hipster panties, the options when it comes to underwear shopping, are endless. But while colourful smalls and all things lacy can be a dream come true, it's essential to prioritize the comfort and health of your lady bits.

Today, we're telling you why cotton panties are the best choice.

1. Cotton underwear is practical and will be your best friend on sweaty and humid days.
2. The cotton fabric is breathable and allows for circulation in the nether region.
3. Cotton panties inhibit the growth of bacteria resulting in freshness all day long.
4. Cotton hipster panties are comfortable and give you the confidence to stay dry and fresh all through the day.
5. They tend to have a moisture-wicking and drying effect.
6. Cotton prevents the growth of yeast and alleviates the chances of infection.
7. Pure cotton panties are a great choice to avoid odour buildup and leave your vagina fresh as a daisy.

Choose cotton comfort all day, every day with our favourite cotton amanté panties.

1. Printed Low Rise Bikini

Made with stretch cotton fabric, this panty provides ultimate comfort and lets your skin breathe. The thin elastic on the waist and legs gives you a smooth finish. The brief is label-free to provide you with maximum comfort. No more itchy, scratchy ugh.


SHOP: Printed Low Rise Bikini

2. Solid Mid Rise Hipster Panty

Stay comfortable 24x7 in these breathable soft, cotton hipster panties that come with a soft inner elastic that ensures a firm grip and fit. No more rolling or folding of panty edges!


SHOP: Inner Elastic Solid Mid Rise Hipster Panty

3. Low-rise Boyshort

The boyshort silhouette is the perfect combination of modest coverage and cotton comfort. This style is elastic-free around the legs, with a supportive logo waistband, that keeps you comfortable and supported throughout the day.


SHOP: Low-rise Boyshort

Well, now you know. So, the next time you're shopping for panties, just remember to buy a good mix of fabrics and styles. Cotton for the win!

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