Why Choose Cotton Bras for Summer?


The 50 shades of summer aren’t as happening as you’d think. Summer can be icky, sweaty and just eww. But you can beat the ugh with the right fabric. Cue CoTToN! The star of the season. We’re dishing it all about why cotton is the best fabric for your lingerie this season. So sit back and read on.

Why Choose Cotton?
Well, firstly it’s all about comfort. Cotton is the best choice because it’s an extremely soft fabric that's comfortable, durable, absorbent and machine washable.


Pretty Pretty
Cotton bras are a perfect choice because they are so versatile. There are so many options to choose from. Colours, prints and styles. Fab.


Friends Forever
Cotton happens to be one of the most durable and sustainable fabrics. These babies will be by your side in the long run. They hold shape longer and give you all the support you need. A true BFF.


Sleep in Peace
Yes, a lot of women prefer to unhook before bed but for some wearing a bra to sleep is actually quite comfortable, particularly women with large breasts. A comfortable cotton bra (non-wired and non-padded of course) can help keep breasts in place when you sleep, prevent sagging and dropping to the sides. The All day Lounge Bra and At Home Bra are your best friends.


Fresh as a Daisy
A fabric known globally to keep you fresh for longer by reducing the growth of odour causing bacteria, cotton is the best choice for the summer months. It’s gentle and helps prevent sweat induced rashes too. Try out the Cotton Casuals bra.


We love cotton and comfort. Have a look at all the different types of bras and which one is best for you on our website.

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