Cotton Comfort FTW - 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Cotton Bra

Cotton Comfort FTW 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Cotton Bra

Never underestimate the power of a comfortable bra - A bra is at the core of every outfit and mood. Whether you need a ‘lift me up’ on a bad day or are going on a date, the right bra is just what you need.

Listen up ladies, we’re dishing all about why you NEED to invest in comfortable cotton bras.


All About Comfort

First off, the fabric that your bra is made out of is super important when it comes to comfort, support and shape. Since you’re going to be wearing your bra for more than half of the day, cotton is the best choice because it’s an extremely soft fabric that's comfortable, durable, absorbent and machine washable.

Cotton Sports Bra

Versatile and Vibrant

Cotton bras are the perfect choice for throwing on under a tee or even under a pretty blouse. The best part: a majority of bras are made with cotton which gives you endless options to choose from in terms of style and colour too. Check out our cotton bras.

Cotton Sports Bra

Durable and Long Lasting

Cotton happens to be one of the most durable and sustainable fabrics. Cotton bras tend to hold shape longer and stay by your side giving you all the support you need, just like a friend you’ve had forever.

Cotton Bra

Sleep in Peace

Yes, a lot of women prefer to unhook before bed but for some wearing a bra to sleep is actually quite comfortable, particularly women with large breasts. A comfortable cotton bra can help keep breasts in place when you sleep, prevent sagging and dropping to the sides.

Cotton Printed Bra

Freshness and Hygiene!!

Cotton as a fabric helps you stay fresh for longer by reducing the growth odour causing bacteria that can occur from sweat. It is breathable and dries up quicker than synthetic fabric keeping you fresh and clean all day long.

Cotton for the win! Now that you know all about why you must have a cotton bra, go on and get shopping girl!

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