The ‘Impact’ of Fitness - The 3 Impact Level of Sports Bra Explained

The 3 Impact Level of Sports Bra Explained

2022 is on the move. We’re one month into the new year and it’s been quite a start. One more year has passed as we continue to live the new normal and new way of life.

Health has become a priority and something we should care for. If you haven’t added physical fitness and health to your list of resolutions yet, now’s a great time. Make a healthy choice and get ready to get fit.

When we talk about fitness, we cover topics on diet, workout styles, accessories and more. But what we most often forget is the basics.

We’re breaking down the basics of sports bras and explaining the impact levels of sports bras.

Let’s Start with Understanding Impact and Motion of Sports

Sports and exercise usually involve movement and impact that may or may not affect your breast tissue. Every activity has a different impact and motion. For example, yoga would be considered a low impact activity while running and HIIT are high impact activities.

Choosing the right bra is essential to excelling in the activity of your choice and performing it without discomfort.

Low Impact Sports Bras

Low impact sports bras hold your breasts in place and keep you comfortable too. These bras typically feature a cup-less design and restrict movement by compressing the breasts tightly against the chest. These bras usually come in slip-on styles.

Should I Choose a Low Impact Sports Bra?

If you frequently take part in activities like walking, yoga or pilates that don’t involve a lot of up and down or rigorous motion, then the low impact is your best bet. The slower and more controlled movements of these activities cause a lower impact on your breasts.

Explore amanté’s range of low impact sports bras.

Medium-Impact Sports Bra


Medium impact sports bras restrict breast movement and keep them in place while you work out. These bras are made with a more defined cup structure design to hold and support each breast while gently compressing them in place.

Should I Choose a Medium-Impact Sports Bra?

If your activity of choice involves weight training, cycling or brisk walking, then the medium impact sports bra is a great choice. The controlled motions of these activities cause a slight impact on your breast tissues which are kept firmly in place by the sports bras.

High Impact Sports Bra


High-impact sports bras are designed for activities that involve a lot of jumping or movement that may result in breasts bouncing. Without the correct support, you are sure to experience discomfort and some cases, damage. The high impact sports bras are usually made with a high degree of compression and are built with a lot more support in the straps and bottom band.

Should I Choose a High Impact Sports Bra?

The unique motion of running or jumping causes your breasts to move in a way that resembles the figure eight, sometimes up and down and almost as much as eight inches. This motion puts your breast ligaments under a huge strain.

amanté Pro Tip: Before buying your bra, jump around and swing your arms – (no one’s watching you in the trial room) Jumping Jacks or imitation skipping rope jumps are the best choice.

That’s all from us, you can always keep this bookmarked with you the next time you’re going sports bra shopping.

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