Stylish & Comfortable Hiking & Trekking Outfits for Women

Stylish and Comfortable Hiking and Trekking Outfits for Women

Getting out into the great outdoors, the woods and going for a hike is an incredible experience. post pandemic life has made us realise the importance of stepping out of our houses and get that bit of sunlight. There’s the fresh air, the endorphins from all the moving around, and all those fantastic views providing the perfect photo backdrop. But, finding the ideal outfit to hike can be a challenge. After all, striking the right balance between fashion and function isn’t easy. Luckily, we’re here to help with some expert advice on the subject. Whether you’re going for an hour-long stroll through the bush or an all-day trek to the top of a mountain, we have your wardrobe inspiration covered. But before we talk about what to wear, let’s run over a few simple tips that you can follow to ensure you have a smooth trek.

Tips Before you head out for your trek:

  • Look up the weather on the day you decide your hike.
  • Ensure that you roughly calculate the trail time and distance.
  • Ensure your outfit is planned basis the difficulty of the hike you wish to do.
  • Ensure the layers you wear is removable easily if you have planned a tough one.
  • For difficult hikes and treks, ensure you wear a hiking or trekking boots as a regular sneaker might not do the job.
  • The advantage of wearing a full-length legging is that is protects you from the harsh sun, scratches or any insect bites. If you have planned for an easy trek, then fitness shorts are also an excellent choice.
  • Carry your sunglasses, put on your sunscreen and ensure you carry your hats.
  • Key is to stay hydrated so carry plenty of water along.

Trekking Outfit

So, once you have your basics sorted out, it’s time to plan your outfits. If you have planned for a shorter and an easy hike, you can opt for more fashion outfits than function. If you and your gal pals are headed for a relaxed Sunday morning hike, get ready to look real cute with amanté. This is your chance to show off just how cool you can be while hitting the trail. For a cute and fun outfit that’s also practical, pick up a racerback medium impact sports bra, a pair of fitness leggings or fitness shorts and a matching tank top in a playful colour. Our sports bras keep your bust in place and offer a compressed fit. They also have moisture wicking properties so you will stay cool and dry for long hours. Similarly, our fitness tops and leggings are made of fine fabrics that are perfect for long trail. Once you have your outfit in place, don’t forget to add a fashion-forward jacket and cool sneakers. Feel free to have fun with accessories, such as hats, sunglasses, and even jewellery.

Well, there you have it, figure out the difficulty level of your hike or trek and pick activewear that are most suitable for the occasion. The more difficult your trek is, the more functional your outfit must be. So, have you visited yet?

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