What are the Signs of Wearing an Ill-Fitting Bra?

Nothing feels worse than wearing an ill-fitting bra, don’t you agree? Not only is it uncomfortable throughout the day, it could also ruin the look of your outfit. A bra that fits well not only lifts the bust but also accentuates your overall figure to give you a contoured profile.
But, how does one figure the signs of an ill-fitting bra?
There are a few symptoms that indicate your bra isn’t fitting you well. These signs apply to all kinds of bras, from your everyday T-shirt bra to a balconette bra.
1. Slipping Straps
You are wearing the wrong size if your bra straps keep slipping off your shoulders, or are so tight they are digging into your skin. Straps of the correct sized bra will sit comfortably on your shoulders without slipping off.
Here are a few steps we recommend you to check:
Slipping Bra Straps
  • If the straps start to slip off, then try a sister size with a smaller band or fasten the straps tighter.
  • If the straps are too tight and start to dig into your skin, then you may need to try a bigger band size or loosen the straps.
  • If you’re able to slide 2 fingers easily under the straps, you’re wearing the right size.
2. Uncomfortable Underwire
The underwire is sewn into the cups of a bra and is designed to provide support to your bust. It should sit comfortably under and to the sides of your bust.
Here are a few steps we recommend you to check:
Uncomfortable Bra Underwire
  • If the underwire feels too tight, is digging into your skin or restricting your movement, then you should go up a band size.
  • If you feel that underwire is too loose or ‘floating’ then you should go for a smaller band size.
  • If the underwire is sitting comfortable under your bust, then you’re wearing the right size.
3. Cup Contact
The cups of the bra hold and support your bust. They may or may not have an underwire sewn into them always, so you can pick them basis your requirement. Cups on a well fitted bra will cover and contain all your bust tissues without feeling cramped.
Here are a few steps we recommend you to check:
Steps to check Bra Cup Contact
  • If there’s space between your bust tissue and the cup, it’s too big for you and you should go down a cup size.
  • If you find that your bust is spilling over the top or sides of the cups, then you should go up a cup size.
  • If the cups and underwire sit well on your body, then it’s the right size for you.
4. Bad Bands
The band helps keep the bra in place and supports your bust in the cup. A well-fitting band will sit straight along your back parallel to the ground.
Here are a few steps we recommend you to check:
Checking Bad Bra Bands
  • If the band rides up along your back, it’s too big and you need to go for a smaller size.
  • If the band feels too tight or is pinching the skin, then you should go up a band size.
  • If the band sits straight and is comfortable, you’re wearing the right size.
Finding a bra that looks good, feels good and fits good at the same time can feel like a ray of sunshine. Measuring yourself every 6 months is a great way to make sure you always buy the right size bra. We recommend you check out our Bra Fit Calculator that will help you arrive at your correct bra size. Yes ladies, it’s that simple! Now, get yourself a measuring tape and get measuring!
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