Must Have Sports Bras for Gym Workouts


Fitness and health are not a fad but more like a lifestyle. Healthy skin, physical health and wholesome lives are a few benefits of a healthy lifestyle. That said, fitness does come with its own set of obstacles for women, particularly in the breast and bra department.

Fitness activities sometimes corpse of unique motions like running, jumping and other movements that may cause your breasts to move. Depending on your level of intensity in the workout, the breasts can sometimes move up and down as much as eight inches. This puts the connective tissues that help support your breasts under a lot of strain.

A good sports bra for workouts can cut that movement in half—which is key to protecting the breast tissue from damage.

Shopping for and finding supportive bras in India might be a task. Choosing the right bra requires you to consider a few factors, and we are here to help you pick the right sports bra for high, medium and low-intensity activity.

All About Intensity

Strap on It

When choosing a sports bra, remember to look for an adjustable strap that can support your breasts properly and be adjusted. There should be about a one-inch give, and the strap should not slip off your shoulders or dig into them.

Sayonara Sweat

Your breasts need to breathe, you know. Make sure that the sports bra is made with breathable sweat-wicking fabrics. Having panels is a plus because they ensure zero spillage.

Our Favourite High Impact Sports Bra

Racerback Padded Non-Wired High Impact Sports Bra

Built with a compression fit and soft foam cups, this high-impact full-support sports bra minimizes movement and provides excellent support for your workout. Adjustable straps and keyhole racer back ensure great flexibility for a classic workout!


SHOP: Racerback Padded Non-Wired High Impact Sports Bra

Medium Impact Sports Bras That We Love

Medium Impact Non-Padded Non-Wired U-Back Sports Bra

This comfortable, non-padded, non-wired cotton bra has cut and sewed cups for support, making it ideal for mid-impact sports. The U-back with adjustable fastening and contrast mesh make it an essential part of your activewear gear.


SHOP: Medium Impact Non-Padded Non-Wired U-Back Sports Bra

Medium Impact Front Zip Sports Bra

Complete your workout wardrobe with this easy-to-wear medium-impact front zip sports bra. The unique y-shaped racer back ensures easy back and shoulder movements, while the mesh panel enhances breathability and comfort, making it ideal for yoga and other mid-intensity workouts.


SHOP: Medium Impact Front Zip Sports Bra

Medium Impact Cross Back Sports Bra

Add style to your workout with our medium-impact cross-back sports bra! Made from a fine blend of microfiber and lycra that is moisture absorbent while the mesh panel enhances breathability and comfort. Customize your fit with the removable soft cups to ease into a great workout!


SHOP: Medium Impact Cross Back Sports Bra

The best part! Sports bras make for a versatile piece of clothing too. Pair your sports bra with an oversized shirt and jeans or gym tights and jacket, and you're good to go.

We've Reached the Finish Line

All good things must come to an end. Like this blog, sports bra lives too come to an end. Clinging on to a worn-out sports bra is not a good idea, so know when it's time to let go.

When is it time to replace your bra?

  1. Your breasts move when you work out and the bra is not as supportive as when you first bought it.
  2. A foul smell stays on even after you've washed it.

That's all from us. You can always keep this bookmarked for the next time you're going sports bra shopping.

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