Lingerie Essentials You Will Need This Winter

Winter Lingeries for women

With the onset of winter quickly approaching, it’s time for us to begin digging deep into the back of our closets and start bundling up to get into the groove of cozy sweater weather. While we tend to focus on the layers of clothing the season demands, we often overlook the role lingerie plays during winter. Lingerie, like the rest of your wardrobe, is also seasonal and needs to be switched up to accommodate changes in weather and outfits.

So, how do you go about finding the right lingerie set for winter? Thinking about what to wear underneath your outfits may feel daunting, but we’ve got you covered with our checklist of lingerie sets for winter. All you need to do is scroll down.

Coverage is everything!

Stock up on Padded lingerie.

Temperamental weather changes call for layering up your outfits, so your everyday lingerie needs to be comfortable with coverage. Opt to pair your everyday tees and tops with Padded T-shirt bras in breathable fabrics with optimum coverage to avoid any nipple show-through when it gets chilly.

Our Smooth Moves Bra and Smooth Definition Bra make perfect companions to your winter wardrobe. Designed with soft, stretch fabric and full coverage cups, these styles lightly envelop your bust to give you a flattering fit. Feels more relaxed with non-wired bras? Then you’ll love our bras.

Push-up Bras are a smart pick if you need to accentuate your shape under thick knits, heavily layered outfits, or sweaters that make your breasts look flat with all that bulky fabric.

If you prefer Non-Padded lingerie, then…

Pick lingerie that is double-layered so that you get all the coverage you need even when your days get a bit nippy. We love the baby-soft, fleece-lined cups of our Elegant Support Bra that offers all the coverage and support. Fleece-lined cups are designed to provide better concealment and enhanced comfort so you can enjoy absolute freedom in this lingerie, day or night.

Cozy days need something a little extra soft

Nothing pairs better with a cozy night at home and a cup of steaming hot chocolate than our comfiest range of lingerie – the Cloud Soft collection. Get pillow-like comfort from their soft, brushed fabrics and hidden elastics that don’t poke or itch. Whether you pick the Cloud Soft Padded Bra or the Cloud Soft Support Bra, you’ll get all the coverage & concealment with an extra dose of cozy comfort that feels like a warm hug.

Layer up with seam-free lingerie

Easy slip-on and seam-free lingerie are good options under fitted tops or bodysuits. Slip-on like our SKINS range or At Home Bra are easy to wear and are seamless with no bra or stitch lined visible on your outfits.

Bonus - these styles are crafted with lightweight fabrics that feel like a second skin and won’t leave you feeling stuffy under your winter outfits.

Winter lingerie? Check.

Warm, comfortable & stylish winter lingerie at every size

Staying warm, comfortable & stylish is easy when you know how to pick the right lingerie. Equipped with our checklist, you’re now ready to explore and refresh your lingerie wardrobe for the season.

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