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Summer is here! And so is the scorching tropical heat and sweat (ugh..). But then again, it's time for cool crushers and refreshing fashion. From strappy summer dresses to hot pants and crop tops. Tis' the season to scorch the fashion scene. While we cannot change the temperature, we can totally help you make the right choices for lingerie that helps you beat the heat.

Here's Our Ultimate Summer Lingerie Guide

1. Always Choose Cotton

While a pop of colour here and bright strappy peek-a-boo there are the first things that come to mind when you think of summer lingerie. It is super important to choose a suitable fabric, breathable fabric is the most crucial factor when it comes to choosing lingerie. Cotton's moisture-absorbing quality makes it your skin's best friend during the season. Cotton bras and panties keep you fresh and dry all day long while keeping rash-causing bacteria at bay. Say adieu to boob sweat and underbust rashes.

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2. It's Wireless Weather

Yes, underwired bras give you extra va-va-voom and maximum support, but they also cause discomfort thanks to untimely poking and sweating. That being said, wireless bras will help you stay comfortable all day long. Choose a padded cotton bra for extra coverage and support if you're going wire-free this summer.


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3. Bras that Colour me Cool

The basic principles of physics come into play here. Remember how the teachers always said, "dark colours absorb light and heat while light colours reflect light”. Well, as it happens, the same laws apply to lingerie. Bold and dark colours can cause sweating, while pastel shades and neutral colours help you feel lighter and fresh.


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Pro Tip : White bras and white Tees DO NOT go together. Choose a nude or even grey marl with your lighter Tees

4. Panty Parade

The same logic about colours and shades applies here as well. The right panty fabric, soothing colours and comfortable styles are essential factors when choosing summer panties. Seamless panties are a plus. They don't ride up in the sweat and help avoid chafing too.


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5. amanté Summer Innovations

At amanté, we're all about YOU. Changing, evolving and innovating with the times to ensure you get the comfort and style you deserve. Our super cool signature innovations will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the scorching summer heat. After all, we take pride in being India’s most loved lingerie brand.

6. Stay Cool Bra

The bra's lightweight perforated cups allow for superior airflow and breathability for a breezy and relaxed airflow keeping you cool. Made with Wincool yarn, we guarantee no more discomfort from under-boob sweat. The unique fabric enables quick moisture transfer and can make you feel more relaxed.

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7. Cloud Soft Bra

Get pillow-like comfort throughout the day with the Cloud Soft Wirefree bra. It is made of ultra-soft brushed fabric; feels like being hugged by a cloud. The material allows your skin to breathe and keeps you fresh throughout the day. (Available in padded and non-padded styles.)

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8. Cool Contour Bra

Stay cool as a cucumber with this non-padded, wire-free style. The Moisture Control Technology, pulls sweat away from your skin and regulates moisture, keeping you comfortable and dry all day long. The side shaper panel provides for a close fit and the side boning provides additional support.


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So girls, remember to stay cool and stay dry this summer.

XOXO amanté

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