Every Girl’s Dream Come True - Lace Bras That Can Be Worn with Any Outfit

Every Girl’s Dream Come True - Lace Bras That Can Be Worn with Any Outfit

Lace is feminine, pretty and perfect for every woman. No matter what you’re wearing on the outside, wearing a lace bra inside adds to your confidence like no one’s business. You might wonder, “can I really wear a lace bra under everything?” Well, we’re here to tell you that you totally can! amanté’s lace bras are made with special flat lace that is practically invisible under your clothes.

Here’s a list of our favourite lace numbers that are perfect for you!

Flowers, Lace and Everything Great

Lace Bra

Feel flawless and look it too with the Floral Romance Bra. Crafted to enhance your breasts and feminine power, this bra has an all-over floral lace pattern, with delicate detailing. The full cover silhouette gives you a perfectly contoured look, while the ultra-thin pads and flat lace make it ideal for fitted outfits.

Inching Closer to Perfection


Get the perfect look with the Lace Minimizer Bra. The moulded flat lace minimizer with side sling support gives a no-pinch elastic comfort while the broad straps avoid digging into the shoulders. With visible bust reduction up to 1 inch, this minimizer bra is a must-have in your wardrobe. Gorgeous lace and a minimizing function? This is perf.

Bonded for Life

Choose comfort and ultimate style under all your outfits without compromising on style. Bonded Luxury Bra is delicately bonded with pretty lace for a subtle yet luxurious look. The intricate detailing and contrast colours will surely leave you in awe.

Perfection is the Norm

New style bra

This innovative style features full-cover cups providing complete coverage and floral lace patterns with a touch of a whitesmoke shade. The Lace Delight Padded Bra is all about ease and elegance. Perfect for wearing under absolutely anything!

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