How to Prevent Bra Straps from Slipping?

Bra Straps Slipping?

We’ll Tell You How to Make Them Stop.

Everything’s going well. You found the perfect fit, the perfect style, smoothened out the bulges and got yourself a lovely lingerie drawer but wait, straps keep slipping off your shoulder when you wear a bra and you just can’t keep them in place anymore. Annoying as slipping straps may be, we’re here to tell you how to keep them in place.

No more slips. We’re taking you through the causes of slipping straps and their solutions too!

1. You Haven’t Tightened Your Bra Straps Enough

Though this may seem obvious, many women simply don’t adjust their straps or maybe they forget to but this ends up causing those slippity slips.

Solution: Ensure your straps are fastened correctly and tighten them just enough to keep them on your shoulders firmly.

Pro tip: You could try using racerback converters by amanté to help them sit snugly in between your shoulder blades.

2. Wrong Bra Size or Changing Sizes

Changes in cup sizes occur throughout a woman’s life. As your breast size changes, your straps might tend to slip.

Solution: Get fitted again, maybe go up or down a cup size. Once you get a new and properly fitted bra, you’ll notice the straps will stop slipping.

Pro tip: Try using shoulder pads to keep those slipping straps in place.

3. Not Wearing Your Bra Correctly

If you’re always in a hurry chances are that you forget to put on your bra correctly and the bra back is not in the right place.

Solution: Once you finish wearing your bra, the final step will be to reach back and use your hand to pull your bra back down so that it sits right under your shoulder blades, not too high or too low.

Pro tip: Refer to this blog that talks about how to wear your bra correctly.

4. Body Shape and Shoulders

Now, not all bra styles are made to suit everyone. Some women have rounded or sloping shoulder while some have square shoulders. If the style isn’t right, the straps won’t sit right.

Solution: You need to assess your body type and make sure you get a bra that sits right on you. The rule of the thumb is to make sure that your cups are filled correctly and the straps sit away from the edge of the shoulders.

Pro tip: To get the perfect fit and make those straps sit, try choosing a full coverage bra or a Multiway bra like this.

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