Expert Tips to Take Care of Your Bra This Monsoon

Expert Tips to Take Care of Your Bra This Monsoon

The monsoons are a particularly trying time when it comes to looking after your lingerie. You have to make sure that the bras and the panties dry properly before you can wear them. Inability to dry the lingerie properly before putting them on can result in infections in the body. It is important you choose the materials of your lingerie carefully before wearing them since some materials dry faster in the humid climate of the monsoons and some are more resistant to easy drying. Here we offer a few useful tips for taking care of your bras and panties when there is excess of humidity in the air.

Use separate bag for washing bras in washing machine

When clothes take a longer time to dry, it is very easy to be tempted to throw in all the clothes into the washing machine at the same time. It is important to separate out the bras for washing into mesh bags when you have put in a particularly heavy-load into the washing machine. This prevents your bras from becoming deformed under the pressure of the clothes.

Dry bras overnight/indoors

It is important to dry your bras overnight since leaving them out to dry in the rain can lead to them getting more soaked in the unpredictable weather. We recommend getting one of those multiple clip hangers which make it easier to dry innerwear indoors. Delicate bras made of lace and net can easily get spoiled if they remain damp and do not dry properly. We recommend using your hair dryer to dry these particular bras before storing them or indeed wearing them.

Pre-soak/ fabric conditioner

One of the most important concerns during the monsoons is the preventing your innerwear from being affected by unwanted fungi or bacteria. It is, therefore, advisable to pre-soak the inner-wear in order to rid the material of any form of fungal or bacterial growth that might already be present in the innerwear. You are also recommended to use fabric conditioners since they help keep the fabrics soft and odour-free.

A Few Last Words

We would like to emphasize that it is important to take special care of your delicates during the monsoons, not just for maintaining the quality of the clothes but also for keeping your body free from unwanted infections.

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