Lingerie Care: How to Take Care of your Intimate Wear

Ladies, your bra is not an expensive car, they won’t last years! However, to ensure that they last long, how you care for your bra plays a huge role. Your lingerie is a very important aspect of your day. It provides support, helps contour your figure and is a deciding factor in your choice of outfit. While your intimate wear does so much for you, there is no doubt it needs a little something from you too - to be treated well and looked after.

How to Wash and Take Care of Your Bra?

Whether it’s your favourite lace bralette that you wear on occasions or your everyday T-shirt bra, it’s important that you hand wash all your bras. The better you take care of them, the longer they will last.

Here’s everything you should know about taking care and washing your fashion bras, your everyday bras and your sports bras.

1. Always wash your bras in cold water. Hot water might break down the elastic and shorten its lifespan.

    Wash your Bra in Cold Water

    2. Hand-wash your bras always! Try and do this as often as you can. A washing machine could damage the underwire. If hand wash is not at all an option, then use the gentlest setting on your washing machine and place them in lingerie bags to keep them in shape for longer.

    Hand Wash your Bra

    3. Choose a detergent which is safe for delicate clothing. Using bleach can damage the fabric and the underwire of the bra.

    Choose Good Detergent to was your Bra

    4. Never twist or squeeze your bras. This can ruin the shape of the cups, or even bend the underwire out of shape in wired bras.

    Do not twist or squeeze or wring your bra

    5. Drying your bras by hanging them with clips or on a clothesline can cause the elastic to stretch. Leave your bras out flat to dry.

    Leave your bras out flat to dry6. Don’t iron your bra or put it into a dryer as the heat will damage the material.

    Don’t iron your bra

    7. Store your bras flat, not folded. Folding them can distort their shape.

    Store your Bras flat

    How to Wash and Take Care of Your Panty?

    When it comes to washing your panties, a little extra care can go a long way. Here are few simple tips on how to wash your panty and to help you keep your panties in shape for longer.

    1. Separate the light-coloured panties from the dark and wash them in different loads to prevent any colour transfer.

    Separate light and dark color panty

    2. Always wash your panties in cold to room temperature water. Hot water could ruin the elastic and even cause your panties to shrink in size.

    Wash your Panties in Cold Water

    3. Hand wash your panties, especially when it comes to delicate materials such as lace or silk. If washing them by hand seems difficult, place them in a lingerie bag before putting them in the washing machine.

    Hand wash your Panties

    4. Turn your panties inside out before you put them in the washing machine.

    Turn your panties inside out for washing

    5. Use a detergent meant for delicate clothing, and always be mindful of how much you are using. Too much could cause a slick residue to build up on your panties.

    Use good detergent to wash your panties

    6. Don’t twist your panties to wring out the water as this could stretch the fabric. Lay them out flat on a towel to dry so they don’t lose their elasticity.

    Do not twist your panties

    You only need to follow a few simple steps to properly care for your lingerie. If you’re in doubt about how to wash a garment, you can always refer to the wash care tag which is usually stitched inside for instructions.

    Taking care of your lingerie not only extends its life-span, but also makes sure that it fits well every time you slip it on. So, treat your lingerie kindly and they’ll do the same for you!

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