First Night Dress - Selecting Bridal Lingerie for First Night of Wedding

A Special Night

Bridal Lingerie for First Night of Wedding

What started with a love letter scribbled on the last page of a math notebook has blossomed into a love story worth remembering. A star female athlete and a backbencher, both horrid at math, the perfect match no?

The two love birds dodged hurdles of life and time and emerged stronger in love and today are ready to tie the knot.

As the big day approaches a smitten bride to be, starry-eyed and in love, a stressed mother and a giggling bunch of girlfriends gather round as the trousseau is wrapped and packed in lovely lacy and floral wrapping.

From elaborate dinner ensembles to a vanity box worth drooling over, our bride has it all sorted. Her bridal lingerie is worth envying with pieces both charming and scandalising enough to make the aunties gasp.

This bride is sorted, but are you?

Understanding the importance of bridal lingerie is a given, but exploring the world of lingerie and picking your perfect match is a task that could easily take you from bridezilla to bridezilla 2.0. Making your mom pick our lingerie might not be the best idea… so stop for a minute and read through before selecting your bridal lingerie.

Depending on the kind of first night you have in mind and the kind of couple you are.

A Relaxed Evening

bridal lingerie

Always put comfort first, you want to wake up looking fab and with that bridal glow don’t you? Ditch the traditional bra and panty styles if you feel like getting comfortable and relaxed with your partner. The whole seductive first-night thing seems amazing in movies, but the truth is you’ll probably be super tired in the wee hours of the morning by the time you finally get done with pleasantries, guests and friends. A satin chemise or sheer babydoll might be the perfect find in this case.

Simple Simon Met His Match?


IF you and your hubs like playing it safe or you’re still getting to know him, then choosing simple and more traditional bridal nightwear is a great idea. Pretty satin camisoles paired with satin shorts could be a perfect choice the night.

Romantic First Night

first night dress
If you’re still sure that you want the whole princessy first night with rose petals on your silken sheets and candles all around, then picking a cute lace chemise or babydoll work perfectly for your trousseau and can be tossed into your honeymoon bag too!

Playful, is it?

first night dress for bride
Well, Well, Well lookie here! An adventurous and fun bride is here for tips.
We suggest, go all out, from cheeky thongs to suspenders, lacy bras and more. In fact, if you’re an adventurous couple then role play costumes might be a good idea too.

At the end of the day, it’s all about you and the man you love. So stay comfortable, have fun with your trousseau and bridal nightwear lingerie.

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