Benefits of Full Figure Bras During All Seasons


Blessed with a large breast size? Have you always looked for that perfect bra that just knows how to flaunt your curvy figure?

Here's to all the full-figured women searching for the perfect bra for bigger breast sizes. It can be difficult, to say the least. It might seem impossible to find a style that fits your needs, whether that means having support, wanting to show off decolletage, or simply feeling comfortable in your body.

But hey! Our range of full-figure bras is available in fun colours, patterns, fabrics and sizes. Bras that finally hug your curves perfectly, offering all the support and comfort you need.

But First. What is a Full-Figure Bra?

Full-figure bras are a big girl's dream come true! These bras are designed for curvy women who are well-endowed and have fuller bosoms. Designed especially with bigger bust sizes, full-figure bras feature cups that provide full coverage and reduced spilling. The wide side wings and broader straps offer support and comfort to your breasts. Sizes range from DD cups all the way to E and F too!

Now, what’s the difference between plus size and full figure bra?

While both styles are for larger builds, the main difference is that a full figure focuses more on cup size, while a plus-size focuses on band size.

Features of Full-Figure Bra

Let's go back to the basics and understand the features of these miraculous full-figure bras. They feature cups that provide full coverage and prevent spilling.

  • Full-figure bras have broad side wings that offer additional support and smoothen those unwanted back bulges. That's right, you will look perfect from any angle.
  • Broad cushioned straps hold up the weight and give you all the support you need.
  • The cups give you support and hide away those nipples when you wear fitting or sheer tops.
  • The more the hooks, the better. Full figure bras have additional hooks for adjustment based on your band size.
  • The best part about full-figure bras is that they ensure you don't have spills from the side or the top. No more gaping buttons and bumpy silhouettes. Smooth perfection is now yours to have.

Here's a curated list of our favourite full-figure bras to get you through any season.

Ultimo Perfect Profile Non-Padded Wired Minimizer Bra

Flaunt your curves in this non-padded and wired minimizer bra. This bra visually reduces your overall breast measurement by 1-inch. It contours the breast with its unique hidden sling and gives you a perfect perky lift thanks to the wide and padded straps.

Ultimo Perfect Profile Non-Padded Wired Minimizer Bra

SHOP: Perfect Profile Non-Padded Wired Minimizer Bra

Ultimo Contour Support Non-Padded Wired Bra

Smooth is the name of this game. Our non-padded, wired bra is crafted from a gentle and smooth fabric. The side-sling gives you a contoured look yet keeps the shape looking natural. With a stylish U- shaped back, it provides extra support too!

Ultimo Contour Support Non-Padded Wired Bra

SHOP: Contour Support Non-Padded Wired Bra

Ultimo Vintage Beauty Padded Wired Full Cover Bra

Elegant and exquisite, the Vintage Beauty bra is all about feminine power and grace. Padded and underwired, the bra has satin-smooth cups that leave you feeling gorgeous all through.

Ultimo Vintage Beauty Padded Wired Full Cover Bra

SHOP: Vintage Beauty Padded Wired Full Cover Bra

Ultimo Deco Floral Non-Padded Wired Bra

Give your breasts an uplift and ample support with this bra that features angled multi-part cup construction on the cups. The floral embroidery adds a pretty flair to this bra.

Ultimo Vintage Floral Non-Padded Wired Bra

SHOP: Deco Floral Non-Padded Wired Bra

Pro Tip: The correct fabric plays a massive role in flattering your silhouette. You've probably tried, tested and tossed bras because they just didn't give you what you were looking for. Choose bras that help hold your breast tissue in place.

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