Athleisure Wear to Ace Your Fitness Resolutions for 2024

Model Wearing Athleisure Wear Collection by amante

Remember those resolutions you made for yourself to get back into shape in the New Year? Uh-huh, well we’re helping you out with that with the latest (and most stylish) athleisure wear for women. One of the most common goals at the start of every year is to get fit, and amanté’s athleisure wear is perfect to liven up your wardrobe and inspire you to get going. If you want to look the part to feel the part, whether you’re heading for your workout or dropping your kid to school or catching up with your friend for a quick bite, scroll down to check out the most comfortable, and latest athleisure collection that’ll make you feel great while breaking a sweat.

What makes amanté Athleisure Collection so special?

Designed to offer smart fitting and versatile styling, this fitleasure range is made of breathable fabrics, it stretches so it moves with you, offers relaxed fit and comes with moisture wicking properties. It provides a great blend of superior fabrics, trendy style and functionality.

One solution to keep up with your resolution to staying fit is to invest in outerwear that helps your stay motivated. Throw away all those stretched-thin pair of leggings, a too-tight sports bra, and a sweat stained running shorts. And invest in a few athleisure wear that you can not only wear while working out but also while you go about leading an active lifestyle.

We’ve wound up some of the trendiest styles for you to get your hands on:

Model Wearing amante Sports Bra and Tights

1. Sports Bra and Tights: This combo is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. When you’re picking outfits for workout you want to choose a sports bra that’s comfortable, supportive and of great durability. To pair with it, a tights or leggings is recommended. Post workout, you can always layer it with tank top or a jacket and continue to go about your day

Model Wearing amante Tank Top and Leggings

2. Tank Top and Leggings: If you have a rather hectic day lined up, then we would recommend you go for this classic pair. Tank top and leggings as a combo works beautifully, whether you are working out, running errands or travelling as well. You can wear this combo no matter what your day has in stored for you. It’s comfortable and breathable, so you’re bound to feel confident as you check off you to-do list.

Model Wearing amante Crop Top and Joggers
3. Crop Top and Joggers: What do you do when it’s travel day, but you can’t miss out on your morning run? We’ve got just the thing! Choose the crop top and pair it with our joggers. Go for your morning run and catch your flight without compromising on looking stylish and also feeling comfortable at the same time.

Model Wearing amante Tee and Shorts
4. Tee and Shorts: Lounge, laugh and live a little more with this all time famous pair. The easy breezy silhouette is perfect if you have a relaxed day and you plan to unwind reading a book or go out for a cup of coffee.

Model Wearing amante Tank Top and Capri

5. Tank top and Capri: Capri is for someone who prefers their bottom wear length to be cropped. Or if the weather is changing and the warmer days are near, then this would be an ideal choice. Workout in them or go about your day comfortably. Pair them with a tank top to complete the look.


Model Wearing amante Long Length Tee & Relaxed Full Length Pants

6. Long Length Tee and Relaxed Full Length Pants: If you have a relaxed weekend and plan to just go for a walk, run errands and relax at home with family, then this combo is perfect.

Go ahead, look good while you feel good all at the same time. Chase those fitness goals. Because if there’s anything we’ve learned from the events of the past couple of years, that health should be our topmost priority, followed up everything else

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