amanté’s Athleisure Style Guide: 5 Ways To Embrace The Trend!

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We’ve said it before and we’re saying it again - nothing compares to the versatility of athleisure wear. Marrying fashion and functionality, athleisure clothes go hand-in-hand with work-from-home sessions as well as relaxed coffee catchups. This trend has agreeably shifted gears from “I’m on my way to the gym” to “I am hopping on a Zoom call” and it is here to stay.

So if you've been meaning to stock up on a few stylish pieces of athleisure clothing, amanté has your back with its sweeping selections! Enabling free and easy movements, amanté’s athleisure pieces for women emphasize comfort and aesthetics. Moreover, with an array of layering and styling options, every such piece allows you to reap the utmost mileage out of it.

Crafted out of high-performance fabric which stretches 4 ways and smoothly wicks away moisture, amanté’s lightweight athleisure range strikes a fashionable balance between chic and comfy. Be it multitasking for hours in front of your screen or running errands after work, our athleisure keeps you effortlessly put-together. So, promptly bid goodbye to those tight leggings and fitted suits; it’s all about clean cuts and elementary silhouettes now.

The 5 Holy Hacks Of Athleisure:

amanté’s Athleisure Style Guide

If the concept of athleisure is something you’d like to explore, we’ve penned 5 easy hacks that will help you navigate through this trend. Think sporty pieces like snug track pants, breathable bomber jackets and full-coverage bras paired with neutral sneakers or ankle boots. Read on to quickly comprehend the art of athleisure wear, without breaking a sweat!

1. Layering is your best friend, when it comes to pulling off athleisure! Wear a loose t-shirt over a tank top and add a light sweater or a jacket around your waist to instantly straighten-up your look. You can even opt for relaxed full-length pants with a crop top and throw a casual shirt on it, to nail the no-nonsense get-up.

2. Accessorize but don’t maximize because less is more when it comes to complementing your athleisure wear. Keep your body jewellery limited or stack up a few bracelets with your watch for a neat, sleek look. Consider adding a cap or a pair of sunnies, to seal the deal.

3. Avoid grouping bright patterns or bold prints as athleisure clothing conventionally favours minimalism. The simpler the colour palette, the more visually striking the outfit becomes! Make sure to stock up on neutral-toned fabrics before adding pops of colour to your ensemble.

4. Know your fit - we cannot stress this enough! Athleisure that is too loose or too tight, can make the wearer look sloppy, which further draws the wrong kind of attention. The key is to replace ‘baggy comfort’ with ‘fitted comfort’; once you tread down this lane, there’ll be no going back anytime soon.

5. Nothing beats the power of clean sneakers or trainers coupled with freshly ironed athleisure! Your shoes can ultimately make or break your overall appearance, so step up your footwear game before you step out. Also, do remember that heels aren’t a choice when it comes to matching your athleisure sets.

Women's Athleisure Collection Online

In essence, the secret sauce of owning the athleisure clothing trend is to keep it simple, all the way through. As long as you’re following the fundamental rules of donning these pieces, you will soon be slipping into them as your second skin.

To get your hands on the latest athleisure wear for women, check out amanté latest athleisure collection and you’ll be spoilt for choice, like never before! The best part? amanté’s athleisure range caters to all shapes and sizes while taking care of everyone’s pockets, in the best ways possible.

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