Myth Busting with amanté - 4 Minimizer Bra Myths You Must Stop Believing

3 Minimizer Bra Myths You Must Stop Believing

Tired of TMI on the internet about minimizer bras? Confused, worried, can’t decide? Well, the internet can be a wild place, but your search has finally, brought you to the right place. Today, we’re busting all the myths there are about minimizer bras.

Let’s start with understanding what a minimizer bra is.

A minimizer bra allows you to get one inch closer to the perfect fit. Wired to support and lift they ensure visible bust reduction up to 1 inch, a must-have in your wardrobe. Clean finish wings give you a no-pinch elastic comfort while the broad straps avoid digging into the shoulders.

1. Minimizer Bras actually reduce breast size

Absolutely not, the minimizing capacity of the bra only gives the illusion of a smaller breast size.

2. Minimizer bras make you look thinner

Umm, unfortunately, no. The bras only help smoothen out spillage and contour the breast shape while giving the illusion of a smaller size.

3. You can wear a tight bra and it works just like a Minimizer

NO. In fact wearing a tight bra can further damage your breast tissue. A minimizer bra is designed to provide a visible reduction in bra size only to provide comfort and a better fit. NEVER wear the wrong size.

4. Minimizers Can Reduce Your Cleavage

Well, this is not true for everyone. It depends on your breast type. Women with east-west facing or with wider-set breasts can get a cleavage while some might not get the desired cleavage results.

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