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Liners range by amanté comprises of tank tops, camisoles and shorties. Perfect layering pieces for all your wardrobe needs, these styles are a wardrobe must-have. Wear them under sheer outfits and revel in comfort in our range of liners. Made of softest and finest fabrics, our liners are versatile and effortless in style. Wear them as a layering piece or lounge around in them, we have one for your every mood!

Benefits of Wearing Liners

  1. Concealment and coverage: Liners are a perfect base layer for all your sheer and translucent outfits. They conceal any skin that shows and provide ample coverage and comfort.
  2. Provides a perfect silhouette: Whether you have an athletic body or an hourglass one, tank tops, camisoles and shorties offer proper fit forming a perfect silhouette, thereby enhancing your figure.
  3. Comfort and confidence: Liners help you sport any outfit that you may have put off wearing only because it was transparent in nature. Our liners range will give you the confidence to pull out all those outfits and sport them with ease and in confidence.

Types of Liners

Our liners range constitutes or three products:

  • Camisoles: Made of 100% soft cotton fabric, these classic camisoles are a wardrobe staple, for a no see-through look. With broad front and back neckline and with fully adjustable straps for a custom fit, these camisoles offer a body-hugging fit, perfect to use as a base layer on a translucent or sheer tops, shirts and kurtas. You can also style them under open shirts and go for a casual yet chic look. Available in five different colours, you will want them all!
  • Tank Top: Made from the softest cotton fabric, this tank top is a must-have staple for your everyday wardrobe needs. With full front & back coverage, it can be a perfect layering piece or you could also pair it under an open shirt and flaunt a casual look. It’s designed to hug your body; to give you a second-skin feel.
  • Shorties: Dedicated to providing a perfect base layer for all your outfits, this mid-thigh length shorties is a must-have additional to your wardrobe essentials. With smooth, seam-free sides, this shorties is perfect under dresses, skirts & sheer outfits. Made of breathable stretch cotton fabric, you can stay comfortable inside out, all day.

Liners - FAQs

Can tank top be worn without a bra?

Yes, you can. It’s recommended to wear it with a bra because of the support and comfort it offers.

What is the difference between a camisole and a tank top?

Camisoles come with thin straps whereas tank tops come with broad shoulder straps. Depending on your comfort and preference, you may pick one.

Can I wear camisole as a top?

Yes, you may. Camisole can be paired with a pair of jeans or shorts for a casual look.