Travel Tips For The Solo Woman Traveler

All your bags are packed and you’re ready to go? Well, hold your horses. We’ve compiled a checklist you must go through before leaving for that big trip. Here’s to an eventful yet safe trip, ladies!

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes

The only exception to this saying would be “rain on your wedding day”. Jokes apart, every time you plan a holiday, do a thorough weather check and pack your bags accordingly. Keep in mind that 18 degrees in the plains doesn’t feel the same as 18 degrees in the mountains because of altitude differences. Whether it is rain, sun or snow, make sure you pack weather proof clothing so you can enjoy your travel without hiccups.

Pack light, pack smart

Talking of clothes, we cannot stress enough on packing smart and light for your travel. Especially so when you’re travelling alone. Also, carry a 10-20-liter collapsible backpack, so you can pack for day trips from your base camp. However, light luggage doesn’t always necessarily mean packing smart. Besides weather proof clothing, make sure that you carry enough pairs of socks, thermals and inners. Psst! Did we mention a special set of lingerie in case you happen to go on a date or decide to pamper yourself by booking a luxury suite?

Be prepared for unpredictable situations

“But isn’t travel all about embracing the unpredictable?”, you must be wondering, trying to get out of a catch 22. While solo travel is full of unpredictable situations, you’d never want to land into an unpleasant one. The key is to control things that you can. Never forget to carry a first aid kit, essential toiletries and sanitation. Be wise, safety-wise too. Throw in pepper-spray, Swiss Army knife, a powerbank for charging and a torch.

Be culturally aware

While most destinations have relaxed cultural rules for tourists, it always helps to be aware of cultural nitty-gritties. Because, when in Rome. Cultural awareness lets you blend in and enriches your travel experience & learning. You’ll agree with this point if you’re a wanderess at heart. Real travel begins the moment you stop being a tourist. If you like the idea of blending in and are wondering how, here are a few tips. Shop & wear local clothes, hang out at local eateries and coffee shops and last but not the least, find home stay with a localite.

Keep some grub, handy

While the essence of travel lies in trying everything local, some destinations might have limited availability or options for food. If you are a vegetarian or on a budget trip, it always helps to carry your own snacks. Dry fruits and nuts are always handy as they are power packed and easy to carry. Even good old maggi or cup noodles can be helpful. Other packaged food such as energy bars, muesli and chocolates also work great.

Travelling alone for the first time makes everybody nervous but once done and dusted, it is empowering. We hope you found these tips helpful. If you’re a seasoned traveler and have benefitted from travelling alone, share your tips here!

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