Top 6 Athleisure Wear All Women Should Own This Summer

The sun is shining brightly upon us, and summer is knocking on our doors. It is time to pack away all the heavy and cozy winter layers.

Contrary to the thick layering you need in winter, your body now wants breathable and light fabrics to sustain the heat. However, that doesn't mean you compromise on aesthetics.

In fact, with women's athleisure outfits, you can stay on top of style and comfort while lounging at home or stepping out to run errands.

With several celebrities adorning women's athleisure clothing outside their homes and gym, it is a style that has become popular with the masses, as well. You can also ace your looks and beat the heat with some experimentation, color, and style mixing.

Read on and find out more!

Summer Athleisure Outfits

Let us look at summer athleisure outfits you should get your hands on.

Sports Bra

black sports bra for summer

A sports bra is not only meant to be worn in the confines of your gym or yoga studio. You can pair them with cotton pants or throw an unbuttoned shirt over them to make a glam statement.

Our sports bras are made in light and breathable fabrics and have a high moisture-wicking quality.

Whether you want to hit the mall to shop or step out in the sun for your errands, sports bras are women's athleisure wear that can be your best companions in scorching temperatures of more than 40 degrees.

Tank Top

Summer Tank Top Online In India

If there is one item that deserves to find its place in every girl's wardrobe in summer, it has to be the good old tank top. Our specially designed tank tops with racer backs look edgy and chic.

Apart from your gym, you can wear these women's athleisure tops almost anywhere. Pair them with cool shorts to make a trendy statement.

Our collection is curated to ensure you can make a variety of looks by pairing all types of bottoms with these tank tops. You can also accessorize if you are in the mood to play around.

Cotton tees

cotton t-shirts for summer wear

Cotton T-shirts are the perfect summer wear. And when they are made in a lightweight, breathable fabric, there is nothing better to beat the heat.

Our t-shirts come in a variety of necks and lengths to help you select the option you like the best. When stepping out, you can wear them with tights, shorts, skirts or trousers.

You can create several looks with only one of these summer athleisure outfits.

You can tuck it in or leave it loose for a relaxed and comfortable look. Another option is to layer them when going to a cool place like the movie theatre for comfort.


Summer Leggings online in India

Leggings don't just look trendy inside the gym. They work well outside too. You can pair them with both shirts and t-shirts while stepping out.

Moreover, it is perfect for lounging in your home.

The best part is that leggings are the most comfortable wear there is. In fact, several celebrities have been wearing them on flights as well. You can cook in them, go grocery shopping, and even clean your house wearing leggings.


Summer Capri outfits

One staple item of your summer wardrobe should be a capri. It is modest if you want to avoid wearing shorts in the gym or outside.

You can also wear them in your home with relaxed T-shirts. The length is shorter than full pants, so they won't suffocate you in the heat.

Apart from this, capris are versatile as you can pair them with tank tops, cotton t-shirts, or even shirts. Accessorize well, and you can wear them to house parties.

Cycling Shorts

Cycling Shorts for summer

Cycling shorts were the trend in the 90s and have made a comeback again on the fashion scene. If you are a cyclist, you will need them to avoid chaffing as they are moisture-absorbent.

You can also pair them with loose t-shirts and tops when stepping out. They are fuss-free and good for showing off your toned legs.


Summers in India can be reckless, but that doesn't mean you compromise on fashion. The days may get lazy, but you can add some zing to your women's athleisure sartorial choices. Make sure to get cones made from breathable fabrics to keep the heat at bay!

FAQs - Summer Athleisure Outfits

How do you wear athleisure in summer?

Athleisure is comfortable clothing that keeps you relaxed and comfortable throughout the day. You can select lightweight and cotton athleisure outfits to crack your looks outside and inside your homes.

Select from the range of athleisure at amanté to ace your fashion game!

How can I look stylish in athleisure?

The best way to look stylish in athleisure clothing is to accessorize it well.
For instance, you can carry a trendy bag or wear a cap or a pair of sunglasses to enhance the look. You can also layer them and mix and match them with other clothing items to experiment.

What can I wear in summer instead of leggings?

If you find leggings uncomfortable in summer, you can opt for cycling shorts, relaxed shorts, or capris. They allow your body to stay cool and also feel comfortable.

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