Solo Travel - 5 Reasons To Get In Touch With The Wanderess Within

We all have our own reasons for travelling – whether it is soul-searching, overcoming fears or breaking the routine. Regardless of your purpose, you’re bound to experience and learn things differently by wandering off alone. If you are planning to take off on a journey all by yourself, here are a few things you could look forward to.


  1. Experience independence like never before

    Even the modern independent woman is bound by the rigor of a routine. Taking a trip all by yourself helps you break free from all things mundane. Besides polishing your decision-making skills, travelling solo also helps you overcome the fear of feeling lonely. True independence comes when you enjoy your own company and stop worrying about being perceived as a lonely loser. Whether it is taking a dip in the pool wearing your favorite swimwear and bra or pigging it out at local deli, you get to plan the day!
  2. Get to know yourself better

    One of the advantages of spending quality time with yourself, away from everything familiar, is deep introspection. With no routine and mundane tasks, you’re suddenly left with a lot of time for yourself. When you have the freedom to make all the choices, without having to consider others’ needs, your priorities become crystal clear. Also, you can be spontaneous and do all the things you really enjoy doing, and not just activities to accommodate everybody’s interests. For instance, you can spend all afternoon shopping for lingerie, without worrying about a bored boyfriend!
  3. Grow some travel smarts & hone your instincts

    Leading a predictable lifestyle pretty much defines and limits your skill-set. On the other hand, getting out there throws a lot of challenges your way. Since you must watch your own back when travelling alone, you will learn to trust your instincts. Besides honing your instincts, solo-travel also teaches you to spend your money wisely. The primary difference between day to day survival and travelling smart is the support system or the lack thereof. When you don’t have family or friends to call for help when stuck in a difficult situation, you learn to be your own hero.
  4. Meet the kinder part of the world

    Dwelling in a busy environment amidst an indifferent crowd where all they care about is winning the rat race, can make you cynical. Travelling solo helps you get over this cynicism in beautiful ways. When you wander far enough from home, you’ll realize that kind people do exist. A taste of their compassion and willingness to help you out will change your outlook towards the world in general. While all kinds of people exist everywhere, you’re more likely to experience humble kindness of random people when travelling solo.
  5. Learn the art of making friends

    Another key quality that you imbibe when travelling alone is empathizing with just anybody you meet on the streets. You inevitably bump into a lot of people while travelling alone and end up learning about new cultures. When you get to know the unique challenges of those people, empathizing with them comes naturally. So, every time you meet someone new, you’re probably hit it off with them in no time.

    Besides all the learning and the rendezvous with the self, solo travel is a kaleidoscope that offers many sights and stories that you will cherish forever. So pack your bags and unleash the wanderess within.
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