Must-have Lingerie Sets for New Year 2021

Lingerie New Year Predictions

Watch the fireworks this New Year's Eve and look like one too! If you’re counting down at a party or have a romantic night for two planned, you probably have your outfit planned already, but lingerie is essential too. Support on the inside will give you the confidence on the outside and that’s exactly what you need for those perfect memories.

Diwali came and went and Christmas too, let’s make New year’s Eve count with some pretty lingerie on you!

They say the colour of your lingerie on NYE will determine your luck throughout the New Year. We’re here to decode the different colours for you while we give you some of our favourite picks for the evening.

Set the Tone for New Year with these Pretty Picks

Code Black

minimiser bra

SHOP: Wired Lace Minimiser Bra

lace full brief

SHOP: Sheer Lace Full Brief

Are you ready to take charge of your life and charge ahead? Then black is your pick. The colour signifies power and is also one of the most classic colours in the spectrum. You've got your goals set for the coming year. Now, focus and go get them.

Get one inch closer to the perfect fit with the Lace Minimiser Bra. The moulded flat lace minimiser with side sling support gives you a no-pinch elastic comfort while the broad straps avoid digging into the shoulders. With visible bust reduction up to 1 inch, this minimiser is a must-have in your wardrobe.

Blue Starry Night

padded bra

SHOP: Starry Trail Padded Wired Shimmer Bra


SHOP: Starry Trail Bikini Panty

If your goal this year is to eat better, get fitter, and take more mental breaks, then blue is the colour for you. This year is going to be all about wellness, so wear it as a reminder.

Starry Trail Bra and Panty is for the fashionista in you. This padded, wired, full-cover bra. comes with a shiny metallic foil print along the border and wings for added finesse. The smooth and comfy fabric adds extra shimmer to your special occasion. Pair it with the Starry Trail brief and leave a dazzling trail as you enter the new year.

Think Pink and Ink

padded bra

SHOP: Floral Romance Padded Wired Bra

bikini panties

SHOP: Floral Romance Lace Bikini Panty

If you're ready to feel love, all kinds of happiness, then Pink is your colour. It’s a sweet and harmonious colour, like a really warm hug from a good friend. Wearing this colour might strengthen your bond with your buddies, plan drinks with your work besties, or have a date night even if it's just on Zoom.

The Floral Romance Bra & Panty is crafted to create ultra-feminine floral lace pattern, with delicate detailing. The full cover silhouette gives you a perfectly contoured look, while the ultra-thin pads and flat lace make it ideal for fitted outfits.

Peachy and Pretty

wired bra

SHOP: Flawless Padded Wired Bra


SHOP: Flawless Low Rise Lace Hipster

If you’re looking forward to a year of positivity and a renewed attitude towards life, then go for peach! Approach the year with a renewed vigour and take every moment in your stride.

The Flawless Bra and Panty features moulded lace on the cups which gives it a smooth and seamless fit. This beauty also has lace along the bottom of the bra with full cover cups and wings that provide great support. Pair it with the matching Flawless panties and you’re set for a pretty and positive year ahead.

Fabulous Red

red bra

SHOP: Ultimo Heritage Lace Padded Wired Bra

Flawless panty

SHOP: Ultimo Heritage Lace Brazilian

Red means you’re in the love for love and romance and maybe you're ready for a new relationship, or a new adventure. The colour is said to bring passion.

Choose the Ultimo Heritage Lace Bra and Panty and set the stage for a fabulous new year. This delicately crafted luxurious lace with oriental designs provides style and comfort with its softly padded wired cups. Pair this balconette bra with the matching Brazilian brief for a complete look for a night of partying.

White as Snow

t-shirt bra

SHOP: Casual Chic Padded Non-Wired T-shirt Bra


SHOP: Casual Chic Low Rise Bikini

Start the year on a relaxed note as you rev up for a fully energetic and exciting year ahead! Choose the casual Chic T-shirt Bra and Panty in white colour and set a peaceful tone for 2021! This full cover, padded, non-wired, microfiber bra with contrast detailing on the cup is perfect for that laid back ready to charge vibe. Pair it with matching panties and you’re sorted.

Now that we’ve got the colours of luck decoded for you, you’re all set to seize 2021! Choose the colour you’re feeling and get super prepped for a fabulous New Year ahead. Good luck and godspeed. See you next year doll!

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