Lingerie Essentials: Bras

Lingerie Essentials: Bras

For our maiden post, we wanted to give you a low-down on the essentials of lingerie that every woman must own. If you have these products in your wardrobe, you wouldn't have any problems figuring out which lingerie would work for which outfit for you. This is the first post of a two-part series on lingerie essentials. Let's get started.

  1. T-shirt Bra: The t-shirt bra is often considered the holy grail of all bras. From girls in their teenage years to young adults to even women in their 30s adorning this piece, this bra is sworn by women of all age groups. The bra's moulded cups provide for a lovely fit and seamless cups ensure that there are no nipple show-throughs. T-shirt bras are generally underwired and have a thin layer of foam padding, but do not add bulk. You can wear this under t-shirts, figure hugging tops, fitting formal shirts. We recommend buying this in black, nude and one in a popping colour that you like.
  2. Multiway Bra: The multiway bra, also commonly known as the convertible bra or the strapless bra, is helpful for all of those outfits that don't need a visit from your regular ol' straps. You could play around with the multiway straps that give you the flexibility of using them as halter straps, cross back straps, single straps, and other combinations that suit your outfit. Whenever you shop for a strapless bra, buy a size smaller on the band and a size higher on the cup. This ensures that the smaller band gives you maximum support underbust while the fuller cup provides extensive coverage without you having to worry about 'showing'. Remember to not buy a band size too small though. It would just slip and slide off otherwise.
  1. Lace Bra: Lace bras are not just beautiful to look at, but are also extremely comfortable to wear. Full coverage lace bras with underwire are our favourite pick. Some women like them lightly padded but most prefer them without any padding with encased underwire so that it becomes easy for everyday use. Lace bras help break the monotony of seamless and padded bras -choose your mood and mix and match when you feel like it. Lace bras are best worn under moderately loose tops, kurtas, saree blouses, etc. Anything that isn't too form fitting. Lace bras can be worn to work under formal tops as well.
  1. Push-up Bra: Sometimes in life, you need a lift, and so do your breasts. The push-up bra is the ultimate essential in every woman's wardrobe and hoists your breasts up into cushioned cups for that perfect fit. Some push-up bras come with removable padding, also called "cookies", that let you decide when you want and don't want the pads in place. Push-up bras provide a great silhouette and a fuller figure and are perfect to wear under figure hugging dresses, outfits with deep necklines, and fitting tops.

Dare to Be

Dare to be yourself by flaunting those shoulders effortlessly with a strapless/multiway bra.

  • Wear a strapless bra under those tube tops/dresses and let your shoulders do the talking.
  • Re-adjust the straps if you have a halter neck outfit and position your straps accordingly.
  • If you’re feeling sporty, or are wearing a ganji/tank top, you could play with the straps to sport it as a racerback bra instead.

Style Tips

  • Always wear seamless bras under form fitting outfits and t-shirts.
  • Lace bras go well under formal tops and are extremely comfortable and sexy.
  • Ensure that you have at least one bra in black, white, and nude as these would be safe options under most outfits.
  • While trying out a bra at a store, wear your t-shirt over it to double check if there’s any spillage or visible bulges.
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