How to Style Joggers for Ladies and Funk It Up!

Model wearing grey joggers with pink top

Today, more women are adopting active lifestyles. They want to stay fit, travel the world, and make more time to hang out with friends and family.

Besides work and family commitments, fitness and leisure have become top priorities. 

Does that sound like you? 

If that's the case, whether you practice yoga, do strength training, or take leisure walks with your gal pals, you have a wardrobe to complement your adventurous spirit. 

Joggers are a great bet because they combine style and comfort. Joggers for ladies can be styled in many funky ways, depending on the occasion and the activity. 

Let's look at how you can amp up the style quotient with your joggers.

What's the Purpose of Joggers?

Model wearing black joggers with green crop top

Several activities require a wardrobe that enables both comfort and mobility. When you do yoga, for instance, you don't want to be constrained by clothes that prevent you from stretching. 

Joggers are extremely comfortable to wear. They offer enough room to do justice to your workout. 

They are essentially pants that are baggy on the waist. They become more fitted on the buttocks and below and end with an elastic cuff at the hemlines of the legs. 

Joggers for ladies, especially, are a very versatile garment. It can double as fitness gear for a run, yoga, as well as a coffee with friends.  

Joggers For Ladies 

Model wearing yellow top with grey joggers

Today, joggers for ladies have amped up the style quotient. The fit is extremely relaxed, and they come with an adjustable drawcord, making them comfortable to wear even when you gain weight. 

They also come in a wide range of basic colors, which can be mixed and matched with bright and dark colors and prints. Functional side seam pockets make it easy to carry your essentials in the gym or anytime you don't have a purse on you. 

What To Wear With Joggers For Ladies

If you're wondering what to wear with joggers for females, here's a rundown of style ideas. 

Joggers and Tank Tops

This is one of the most basic and popular combinations, which can be used for workouts and casual wear.

This outfit can be teamed with sports shoes or flats, based on the activity you have in mind. 

Joggers and Sports Bras

This is a great combination if you're working out inside the gym. It might be strength training or Zumba. 

Joggers for ladies are very comfortable and offer enough mobility for the workout. Your sports bra offers enough coverage and support for a workout with higher bounce. 

It also looks chic!

Joggers and Jackets

Joggers for ladies double up as smart casual wear. After a workout, you can pair it with a sleeveless or strapless top and throw on a jacket. 

If you are going casual, you can go for a denim jacket. To class it up, you can go for a more fitted jacket in a darker shade or an oversized one like a trenchcoat. 

Wear it along with ballet shoes, heels, or boots, to go with the look.  

Joggers and A Sexy Top 

What to wear with joggers for ladies if you are heading for a night out? Here are some ideas.

Joggers also work well as a bottom for a night out. It's comfortable, has style, and looks great on a more fitted top. For instance, a basic jogger in a darker shade can look fabulous with a halter neckline top and heels as you hit the party scene for ladies' night. 

Joggers and Sweaters 

If there's a nip in the air, your joggers can keep you warm and comfortable, especially when paired with a sweater. You can go for a tight-fitted sweater or a sweatshirt.

Both serve the purpose of keeping you warm and looking trendy. 


Today, there is a wide range of joggers for ladies available in the market. Shop online to zero in on the perfect jogger for you within your budget and in your size. They are made from fabrics like cotton, polyester, and fleece. 

You can find joggers in rich colors like maroon, khaki, grey, and black. This is a must-have because joggers for ladies are the perfect combination of versatility, functionality, and swag. 

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  1. What is the main difference between joggers and sweatpants?

Sweat pants are baggier in design, from the waist to the ankle. They absorb sweat and are used for lounging around at home. Joggers tend to be more fitted and can be used for several physical activities. Joggers also double up as a trendy casual wear piece. 

  1. Why are joggers better than leggings?

Joggers are designed to offer enough leg room for activities where you need to stretch yet stay comfortable. 

  1. How do you dress classy with joggers?

If you're wondering what to wear with joggers for ladies to give a classy look, here are some ideas. You can pair it with a T-shirt of the same color, a contrasting fitted jacket, and pumps. 

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