How to Pack Bras for Travel: Do’s and Don’ts of the Travel Bag

How to Pack Bras for Travel

One of the often overlooked, yet important aspects of any journey is the packing of the travel bag. There is never a correct order in which one can pack a travel bag despite the many ways listed in travel websites. If one rolls up garments to make for more room, one invariably ends up with endless sets of creased outfits. And, if one does not take care to pack them in properly then the resultant mass of lingerie and clothing becomes a maze of fabric no mythic heroine can ever untangle. Packing a travel bag is a delicate science and requires a careful separation of the silks from the cottons, the bras from the panties, the flip-flops from the heels. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you manage your travel bag with minimum fuss.

The Perks of a Lingerie Bag

It is always advisable to pack the lingerie separately in a lingerie bag. It helps preserve the shape of the bra cups and makes it easy to locate the panties. Searching for panties in a disheveled travel bag is nothing short of looking for needles in a haystack! Putting them all in the lingerie bag prevents the lace and the nets from knotting up with the rest of the clothing. Check out our travel lingerie bag that is compact and washable and can store up to six bras and panties each, depending on the size and style of the garments.

Pack the lingerie bag in the end after the clothes, the accessories, and the toiletries have been safely placed in the bag. Cramming the lingerie bag in with the rest of the items will only result in disfiguring the fragile structure of the cups. If you are going for a long trip, we suggest getting a pair of these handy bags and packing them at either end of the suitcase.

Choice of Bras

T-shirt bras

Carrying a range of different bra styles is always advisable when one is travelling. We suggest getting our seamless T-shirt bras that are available in bright colours with lace and print details. They complement both work wear and leisure outfits and are extremely comfortable under varying temperature levels.

multiway bra

A multiway bra ought to be a lingerie staple because it can be worn with diverse clothing items, from a racer back sports top to a one-shoulder evening dress. Our multiway bras come with both satin and cotton finish and help you feel confident in whichever outfit you choose to wear.


A bralette is the wardrobe equivalent of the electric car—they provide the support of a bra and yet, rest against the body with the softness of a feather. We recommend packing at least a couple of these as they can be worn as tops by themselves or be paired with a shirt.

Choice of Panties


Panties form an important part of your lingerie wardrobe, and amanté has an assortment of styles to keep you're comfortable. Vanish seamless panties are best suited for fitted outfits and are available in a variety of shapes, from high-waisted to bikini designs!

Lace panties

Lace panties when coordinated with bras redefine comfort and style and make you feel fashionable and classy. Amanté lace jacquard bikini panties are available in elegant, single-shade colours and can be paired with our lace bras to help you feel stylish from morning to evening. Our Ultimo bikinis with lace trims provide a good alternative to the regular bikini styles and are easily tucked into your lingerie bag.

Cotton panties

Cotton panties provide comfort throughout every occasion and are a must-have in your travel bag. Check out our sets of printed full-brief panties and boyshorts that provide maximum comfort at the best possible price.

Ready to Move

Travels should be more about experiencing the destination and less about worrying over the travel bag. That said, these easy packing tips and suggestions should help you feel classy and stylish while keeping pace with the demands of work and the urges of wanderlust! Toss in the sunscreen, the glares, and the lip gloss, and you’re ready to travel. The lingerie bag will ensure you have the most time at hand to explore as soon as you arrive and unpack.

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