How To Measure Panty Size

Use These Parameters to Know the Right Size of Your Panty

Easy-to-follow panty size chart for Indian women, including measurement tips for a precise fit

Wearing the wrong size panty can be quite annoying as it makes you feel highly uncomfortable and extremely conscious. The chances that you end up buying the wrong panty size also seem quite high as most shops do not allow you to take a trial before purchase due to obvious hygiene reasons.

Under such circumstances, the best option is to know your right panty size before you hit the shops.

Read on for details!

5 Indicators that Your Panties Don’t Fit Properly

Before going ahead to understand how to know panty size, you need to first realize that you are wearing the wrong one.

The catch here is how do you know that the size of underwear you are wearing is wrong?

Well, there is a list of indicators that would reveal to you that the underwear you are wearing is not of the correct dimensions and measurements.

The wrong panty size can ruin your confidence completely and even leave you embarrassed, especially when in public. To avoid that, here are some strong signs that you should look out for:

  • Visible bulges: When it is too tight, the wrong panty size would leave bulges on your skin around the hips or even make love handles appear on the sides. This proves that you need a bigger panty size than what you are wearing.
  • Crease lines: If you notice crease lines being created around your stomach, that means your underwear is not fitting you properly, and you need a different size, maybe one size bigger.
  • Excess material bulge: If you notice extra material bunching and accumulating at the back, it means your panty is too loose, and you need a smaller size.
  • Formation of wedgie: If your panty constantly gets stuck between the buttcheeks, causing a wedgie, you need to check on your panty size. It might be due to a worn-out elastic as well. Wedgies lead to discomfort and unflattering silhouette formation, which needs to be rectified for better fit and comfort.
  • Riding up waistline: If your waistline keeps riding up, you are wearing loose panties and need to switch to a smaller size.
  • Marks on the skin: If your panty keeps digging into the skin, leaving behind marks, it indicates that your underwear is too tight and you need one size bigger.
  • Discomfort all day long: If your panty does not give you the comfort you should feel all day, it means you are wearing the wrong size, which needs to be checked and changed immediately.
  • Yeast infections: If you are getting yeast infections very often, it could be due to your panty being too tight.

All the above factors are signs that speak loud and clear that you need to check on your panty size and change it for better, long-lasting comfort.

How to Measure Panty Size

Now that you know the signs indicating that your panty is not the correct size, it is time to understand how to measure panty size. You can easily find out what your panty size is.

Here is a list that tells you how to measure underwear size in four simple steps.

Step 1 - Take Measuring Tape

To measure panty size, take a measuring tape and wrap it around the widest and fullest part of your hips.

Step 2 - Measure Hips

Here, you need to be careful to check that the measuring tape remains at the same level all the way around and snugs you well.

Step 3 - Record Measurement

Take down the measurement in centimeters.

Step 4 - Refer to Size Chart

Refer to a panties measurement chart for a better understanding of the panty size as per the readings that you have just noted.

Panties Measurement Chart

Here is a panties measurement chart for you to follow.

Panty Size Chart

Size  Hip (in cm)
S 84-91
M 91-99
L 99-107
XL 107-114
XXL 114-122

Note: If your size falls between two sizes, choose the larger one.

Final Take

The right panty size would give your butt and lower body the shape and comfort you need to carry you throughout the day. Where the wrong panty size can leave you itchy and irritable, wearing the right size can boost your confidence and make you feel fresh and active all day long.

There are various cuts, fits, and fabrics in which panties are available on online lingerie websites like amanté. Once you know your right panty size, you can log on to their portal and shop from a wide collection of panties for different purposes and occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What number size is a medium panty?

A medium size panty measures 81-87 cm in hip size.

2. Is medium size 32 or 34?

A medium panty size is 28 to 30 inches in the waist.

3. What is the size of 90 cm?

The size 90 cm is a Large (L) size.

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