Color your mood with Lingerie

How amazing is the feeling of being able to express your true self… whether it’s through art or dance or words, it’s exhilarating to be able to just be you, the 100% real YOU. Now there’s a gorgeous new way to be able to do it – YOUR LINGERIE!

While the outfit that you choose, may depend on the occasion, the ambience, and so on, there’s only one thing you need to match your lingerie to – your mood for the day. After all, if you don’t express who you really are, who else will? Now based on the colour you pick from your lingerie wardrobe, let's deep dive into how the colour will rule your mood that day.


Red Lingerie

If you instinctively lean towards the colour red, it means that you’re in the action-oriented zone and looking forward to get things done!. You will make things happen FOR you, instead of sitting back and letting them happen TO you. You will be a physical manifestation of “Give a girl the right lingerie and she can conquer the world”.

Want to get your fierce on, shop these vibrant numbers from the festive collection here



Opting for a beige in your lingerie cabinet, you might be doing more than just playing it safe. As we all know, nude is the colour of the moment. And if you swear by your subtle au natural look, your down-to-earth, no-nonsense and practical approach is the way to go! Do you swear by the mantra – “less is more” quite a lot? Here are some subtle tones by amanté available in a range of nudes.


Blue Lingerie

Opting for the blues? You have a strong need to find inner peace and harmony. Get those calming nerves on with blue lingerie. Unravel your true self in the Lace Bloom Butterfly piece from the Starry Tales collection here Its sapphire blue tones with delicately embroidered embellishments add to the mysterious charm of this trendy piece.


white lingerie

While most people consider white boring, is that a colour you swear by regularly from your lingerie wardrobe? You tend to have that pure, innocent side to you and are high on hopes. As white is the colour of new beginnings, of wiping the slate clean, opt for the gorgeous whites from amanté and get going making history.


Purple bralette

In the mood for purple? You are ready to treat yourself to a royal treatment today. Spoil yourself with a little bit of fantasy in the rich hues of voilet. Check out the range of rich violets here.


pink lingerie

Does your mind screams “PINK!”, feed your playful, romantic and feminine mood today with the amanté's range of pinks. Indulge the romantic in you with various pieces and styles available in corals, bright pinks as well as baby pinks, check out the collection here!


Black Bralette

Can't resist yourself from picking black lingerie? We don’t blame you. Black is the one colour that can effortlessly spell ‘sensous'! In the mood to spread the allure of your secretive, charming side? Give that air of mystery an edge with amanté’s range of blacks.

It’s common knowledge that the lingerie you don sets the mood for the rest of the day. So why not indulge in amanté’s lingerie collection, available in a whole array of shades. This way you can dress your mood, every single day!

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