What’s in a Bralette? A Summer Survival Guide

Bralettes Outfit Ideas for Summer

Somewhere between a bra and a bandeau, the bralette has captured the imagination of the sartorially adventurous woman and admiring onlookers alike. Worn as a top, it combines the bold and the casual like your red lipstick retouched on the way back from work. Slipped under a shirt, it raises the imaginative capacity of the crowd who are left wondering where the lace trims end. In short, one can never go wrong with a bralette—the LBD of lingerie, the comfort haven for sporty women, the lacy staple for fashion connoisseurs. The aesthetic of the bralette is one of minimalism. The perforated lace and frayed edges enhance every curve of the feminine body through the mere hint of fabric. Wearing a bralette in summer displays a graceful abandon: a desire to fold over the seams of the everyday dress codes. Given their versatile design, there are numerous ways in which bralettes can be styled. Here are just a few suggestions for styling your favourite feathery corset.

Travel and Evening Wear

Bralette for Travel and Evening Wear

Wear the bralette with denim shorts or high-rise jeans and you are ready to dine out for brunch or go on a small day trek to the hills. Our lightly padded bralettes provide support and accentuate curves whether you are downing a bowl of frothy soup or stepping over rocks to a vertiginous view. Paired with a skirt, the outfit is ready to be noticed at any party or after event. We strongly recommend our halter neck bralettes which complement both denims and flowy skirts.

Casual Wear

Casual Wear Bralette

A bralette under a loosely fitted shirt spells chic like no other outfit in the hot summer months. Our convertible bralettes make sure you make a fashion statement even when you turn around. You can finish the look up with a pair of distressed jeans or palazzos for maximum comfort. The outfits can be worn for your regular work-from-home schedule or for stepping out for a quick trip to the grocery store.

Indo-Western Wear

Indo-Western Bralette

The bralette can easily be paired with a saree and made to look phenomenal with the right accessories. Bringing out sun-kissed shoulders under the waterfall of embroidered cotton or glistening silk, the bralette doubles up as the perfect blouse. You can wear the outfit for small gatherings and worship rituals at home. It allows you to stay comfortable with panache while being the ideal hostess to the guests.

Stay at home wear

Stay at home wear Bralette

If you are at home over the weekend with little on your to-do list other than binging on your favourite series and ordering in food, a bralette is your perfect companion for the day. Our smooth lace plunge bralettes help you feel your best self on your day off, without the reality checks of harsh elastic straps and shifting bra cups.

A fashion trend that is here to stay

The bralette with its many shapes and designs is a fashion phenomenon ready to entice and comfort, allowing for carefree movement and poised grace. It is easy to lose one’s bearings with the mercury soaring in summer but having a few of these stylish bralettes handy help you keep cool and fashionable at the same time. Put on your best lace forward with aplomb and breeze through your daily tasks!

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