Your guide to basics of fashion!

Expensive doesn’t define style You’re a showstopper that doesn’t need an occasion Make a statement in being simple

Your basic is what makes you pretty
Your confidence is already talk of the town
You know that already, don’t you?
If you’ve forgotten
We are here to make you recall.
The show awaits you
it begs you to get stolen
It’s time you came forward
and let everyone know
That you need not be on Twitter to Trend.

There is no rulebook which says that comfort and style must be expensive. And that they should be reserved for special occasions. After all, what’s comfort if it burns a hole in your pocket and what’s style & perfect fit if you can’t flaunt it every single day. They say that lingerie is supposed to be a woman’s best friend. But, if best friends act pricey and only make you feel & look good on occasions, then how good are they?

amanté has come up with every dé, brand new line of affordable lingerie to step up style quotient while being comfortable. Every dé offers an exciting medley, the varieties of which have been conceived to seamlessly blend elegance, comfort, beauty, and charm in one single entity. It’s exciting line understands and compliments your mood and lets you breeze through your daily activities untroubled. With every dé, amanté urges you to claim ease, confidence, and class every single day.

Spread across varied styles and sizes, every dé makes you look chic every day of the week while keeping you nestled in the cushioned arms of comfort.


Want to set a vogue of your own? Recall the stunning polka dots trend of yesteryears with Bae, a padded, wired T-shirt bra, which keeps you forever stylish without compromising on comfort. It’s plunging neckline offers an unparalleled allure that suits your low-neck outfits and makes a statement that’s bold and carefree.

Looking for an innerwear that compliments and accentuates your confidence? Revel in the beautiful structure of Carefree Casuals and go absolutely sleek and sophisticated in this padded, non-wired, full-cover bra that comes with soft foam cups to prevent nipple show and keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

Nude true support full-cover bra

In a mood to sit back, relax and let the day go by at a moderate, unhurried pace? Relish in the sublime joy of True Support bra, that’s remarkable for layering under everyday outfits. A moulded non-padded, non-wired bra, it has been engineered with delicate precision to offer the wearer great comfort and breathability.

Feel like indulging in a little mix-&-match but concerned about that unintended skin show? Go on and enjoy the freedom to wear what you want - without even thinking twice - with Elegant Concealer, a comfortably-structured innerwear that offers ample support and coverage to let you sail through the day unhindered. Replete with wide wings and beautifully designed high centre-front, it provides bulge-free smoothness and effortless skin cover.

And that’s not it. Every dé’s eclectic array has quite a few other styles to choose from. The entire assortment comfortably appeals to the varied sensibilities of a confident and self-assured woman and makes her put her fashionable foot forward everywhere, every day, in a style that’s signature of her own.

Now that beauty style and comfort - all three of them have found a common address in every dé, when are you dropping by to say hello?

Browse through the entire range and we are sure that you will find what you've been looking for.

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