A Guide to Different Types of Pyjamas for Women

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Every day we struggle to walk in uncomfortable heels or sit down in tight jeans. After this day-long charade, don't you want to curl up in bed in some snuggly pyjamas?

Your pyjamas are your companion on cozy weekends, work-from-home days, and much-needed self-care nights. This is why choosing the right kind of ladies pyjamas that are stylish, fun, and feel just like home is important. 

What Are the Types of Pyjamas?

There was a time when the purpose of sleepwear was limited to what its name suggests—sleep. But with the evolution of fashion styles like athleisure and casual clothing becoming more commonplace, pyjamas for women are also being worn outdoors.

Whether you're looking for something comfy to sleep in or throw on while making a grocery run, here is the ultimate guide to the types of pyjamas for ladies.

  1. Nightgowns

Nightgowns are a classic type of pyjamas that have been around for decades. They are dresses of all lengths, ranging from very short to ankle-length gowns. Cotton is the most common material for nightgowns, making them particularly comfortable for hot summers. Nighties also come with different sleeve styles like spaghetti or cap sleeves.

If you're looking for a more flirty option, you can opt for a shorter nightgown like a chemise, also known as a negligee or babydoll. These are made with see-through fabrics like silk, lace, or chiffon and have a feminine charm. A chemise may even come with a matching set of lingerie.

  1. Onesies

Onesies, or footie pyjamas or jumpsuits, have become popular ladies' pyjamas. Onesies are full-body pyjamas that are most commonly used for dressing up babies. But lately, onesie pyjamas for women have started to gain popularity.

Onesies of animals like unicorns, cows, dogs, and penguins have become quite trendy. These adorable pyjamas are perfect for a slumber party. Unlike normal jumpsuits, onesies are loosely fitted and made of fabrics like knit cotton or fleece, making them extremely comfortable.

  1. Lingerie

Lingerie is the way to go if you want to spice things up with feminine and alluring pyjamas. Some forms of lingerie for sleepwear include bustiers and teddies. You can even opt for a more conservative style of lingerie, which would be accompanied by a chemise. Sleepwear lingerie is generally made out of see-through fabrics like lace or chiffon. 

  1. Co-ord Sets

For many of us, pyjamas mean a relaxed t-shirt and pants or shorts in which we can laze around in the comfort of our homes. These are known as coordinated or sleep sets and come in many variations. The top may be a half-sleeve t-shirt, full-sleeve t-shirt, tank top, camisole, or crop top. The bottoms may be a pair of pants, capris, or shorts. 

While co-ord sets are a common type of sleepwear, choosing the ideal pyjama is a  matter of personal preference. You could always grab an oversized t-shirt and a pair of shorts and call it a sleep set.

  1. Button-ups

Button-up night sets are a style of pyjamas derived from men's fashion. They are generally made of thicker fabrics like flannel, with a plaid or solid print. Traditionally, the shirt used to be long-sleeved and the pants long. But lately, button-up pyjamas come in various prints, lengths, and materials.

Sleep shirts are a kind of button-up pyjama but are oversized and flowy, making them airy and comfortable. They are accompanied by sleep shorts and are typically made out of fabrics like cotton.

  1. Sweats

Sweats are the perfect crossover between day-wear and night-wear. Sweats include sweatshirts, sweat shorts, and sweatpants. They are made of warm and cozy material, lined inside with fluffy and comfortable fabric like fleece. They are thicker than other pajamas and ideal for cold winter nights.

Sweats have also become an athleisure staple and can be worn outdoors during the daytime. You can seamlessly transition from your lazy morning to a breezy casual day with cute accessories like sneakers, minimal jewelry, a bag, or a cap.


There are many types of pyjamas that you can try out to find the perfect sleepwear for you. There is a pyjama for every mood, season, and occasion. Make sure to choose the material that works best for your needs! You can lounge at home in cozy sweats, mix things up with a negligee or lingerie, or battle the scorching summer heat with a flowy nightgown.

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FAQs - Types of Pyjamas

Here are some frequently asked questions about types of pyjamas answered:

What is a full-body pyjama called?

A full-body pyjama is called a onesie.

How many types of pyjamas are there?

In general, there are six types of pyjamas for women—nightgowns, onesies, button-ups, co-ord sets, button-ups, and sweats.
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