7 Best Bras for Bigger Breasts

Big and Beautiful

Heavily endowed? Here’s to all the girls who know exactly what we’re talking about.

The search for the perfect bra for bigger breast sizes can be difficult, to say the least. Bras for big breast sizes can be hard to find, especially if you’re looking for a style that fits your needs. From the lack of cute designs, straps that dig in, top spillage and gaping buttons, finding the perfect bra for a bigger bust size can be like a treasure hunt.

But fret not, we’re here to save the day!

We know you’re tired of scouring through stores only to find boring designs and uncomfortable fits. So, we’ve put together a little guide to help you choose the right bra for big breasts.

Bra Shopping Guide for Bigger Breast Sizes

  1. Find a bra with better band support. While the cups of the bra provide the required coverage, the band of the bra provides the required support and grip.
  2. Straps play a vital role as they lift the bust tissue and keep them in place. If the straps are digging into your skin and causing pain, then it’s your cue to buy a bigger size. If the straps are slipping off your shoulders, you will have to find a smaller sized bra. Look for bras with broad straps, they are designed to hold the weight of the bust.
  3. Knowing your bust shape can be an added advantage. For instance, if you have a teardrop-shaped bust, you will need a bra that lifts and centres the bust tissue. In that case, a minimiser bra works wonders.
  4. Keep measuring yourself. Bra sizes change more often than you think. Whether it’s PMS bloating or not, having the right size helps you stay comfortable all through. It’s ideal to measure yourself once every six months.
  5. The above guide will surely help you find the perfect bra! Knowing the right size and type is key to finding the perfect bra. With the help of our fit calculator, find your perfect bra size.

Bra styles for bigger breasts

Whether you need a soft, cosy bralette for lounging around the house? A romantic balconette bra or a supportive underwire-free bra you could sleep in? You know it's here.

1. Sheer lace Minimisers

Bra for big busts

Get one inch closer to the perfect fit with this moulded flat lace minimiser with wired support and lift. With visible bust reduction up to 1 inch, this minimiser is a must-have in your wardrobe. The clean finish wings give you a no-pinch elastic comfort while the broad straps avoid digging into the shoulders.

2. Smooth Definition Wired Bra

Bra for heavy breast

Velvet-soft fabric meets classy style in this full-coverage T-shirt bra. The cups are designed with a matte and sheen edged underwire, wide straps and a unique back-smoothing feature to minimize bulges and hug your curves. Say goodbye to back bulges!

3. Lace Magic Full Coverage Bra

Bras for big boobs

This non-padded style is designed to give you all the coverage that you need. The floral lace and seamed cups add a touch of elegance and charm too. Power mesh wings and elastics provide amazing support and allow you to create a personalized fit.

4. Ultimo Original Strapless Bra

Bra for sagging breast

Versatility at its best, this bra is designed especially keeping the bigger bust sizes in mind. The Original Strapless bra comes with five style options for the best fit under most outfits. Wear it as a halter-neck, crisscross, one-strap or strapless and go about your day with ease.

5. True Support Bra

Bras for large sagging  breasts

Walk in confidence with this moulded non-padded, non-wired, full-cover bra that gives you maximum support all day long. Featuring a wide elastic bottom band, side boning and extended front straps, this bra is the True Support you've always longed for.

6. Ultimate Essential Cotton Everyday Bra

Cotton bra for larger boobs

This non-padded and non-wired bra will be your new favourite piece of lingerie! Designed with soft stretch cotton and an elastic under-band, be assured of the best support and comfort! Crafted to hug your curves with ultimate smoothness, this full-coverage bra is a wardrobe must-have. Perfect for lounging around and relaxing.

7. Ultimo Exotic Shimmer Balconette Bra

Bras for heavy and sagging busts

Elegance takes a new shape this season with this exquisite longline bra that features a pretty floral shimmer lace. The unique longline silhouette with balconette cups and 3-part seam cups truly enhance your curves while supporting an elegant neckline.

Yes, we know that finding the perfect bra for big breasts is hard but it’s also super important because a bra that doesn't fit well and offers too little support can displace your breast tissue.

The right bra offers good support and helps keep your breasts youthful and firm. It can make a world of a difference in shaping and making you look slimmer and proportional.

So remember, there are endless options of bras for bigger breast sizes out there and we’re always here to help!

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