5 ways to get fit at your convenience!

Three months into 2018 and we are all revisiting the resolutions we planned to have locked down and we are so far away from it. One of the forever-fail resolutions have to be the one to get fit. Let’s face it, all of us have been through this situation. I bet by this time you are trying to pacify yourself, by saying that, ‘Oh! I was planning to start next week.” or “Whoever works out before spring???”. Instead of piling up on excuses, let us inspire ourselves to get fit, that too within our own comfort space! Excited?

We thought so! Here are our sure fire ways to get you pumping those muscles.

  1. Press play for fitness

Press play for fitness

One of the most common reasons for not working out is that you do not have a conducive environment. Many women are uncomfortable about the idea of working out in a gym filled with strangers. In such a situation, what do you do? Do you give up on your dream to fit into that perfect dress? Well, of course not! You do not need machines to get fit. There are plenty of easy and economical methods to get fit right at home. Internet is your guru. Browse the net to find a workout routine, which is not only tailor-made to suit your fitness requirements but also fits into your comfort zone.

  1. Use your phone

Work out with your buddy Smartphone

Pressed for time? Well, hello technology! Work out with your buddy Smartphone. Thanks to technology, we now have a plethora of fitness apps and guides to choose from. Pick one that suits your style the best and burn that stubborn fat away.

  1. Deskercise

Deskercise Desk Pushups

Yes, that’s a word we use now. Being a career woman is never easy. Juggling work and play can be quite tough when you are trying to burn the midnight oil at work. So what do you when you live at your office? You make lemonade, of course! Well, not literally. Turn your work space into your personal work out zone. Don’t be tied to the chair. Stand up! Kick that comfortable seat aside, and stand and work. It will surely get you out of the sluggish mode for starters. Say no to elevator, take the stairs instead. If you have the comfort of your own private office, try wall-sits and burn up those extra calories. With Deskercise, you won’t ever be able to say that you do not have time to work out.

  1. Look at yourself

Look at Yourself

Quite literally! Look at yourself. Place a mirror in front of yourself as you work out. Research says, that people who watch themselves while working out are more pumped and energised as they see themselves as their own muse. Try this nifty trick and you will soon be chanting, “Mirror, mirror on the wall... You know the rest!”.

  1. Find the perfect fitness outfit

Find the perfect fitness outfit

If all these reasons don’t get you in the mood to work out, then envision yourself looking all ripped, in a pair of stylish activewear. Athleisure is all the rage and for all the right reasons. Style yourself up in a trendy front zipped sports bra and a cute Capri, and step up on that cardio machine! You will not just feel good after the workout but also, feel amazing as you look fabulous in your perfect fitness wear. Fill your closet up with the season’s trendiest activewear and you will not be able to say no to another workout. We promise you!

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