Starting the new year means saying hello to all the amazing fashion trends and styles. Don’t fall behind, make 2018 count with these 5 must-try lingerie trends.


Florals have forever been a crowd-favourite and not shying away from this quintessential trend, floral impressions echoed through international collections across designers like Alexander McQueen and Miu Miu.
This year, let the floral enchantment take over your lingerie wardrobe. Elevate your wardrobe with a dose of freshness by introducing floral prints and textures in your lingerie pieces. Opt for printed bras or panties, or play with floral textures and add an element of elegance to your look. Take your pick from amanté’s collection of floral themed lingerie.

Endless Lace

Floral Fantasy Maroon Padded Wired BraFloral Romance Neon Pink And Blue Padded Wired Lace Bra

Let’s face it, nothing says lingerie quite like a lacey number. This trend has been in vogue for a couple of years now and is surely here to stay. As our love for lace grows, this fabric is not just for those special nights but has made its way to your everyday styles as well. From lace-adorned t-shirts bras to bikini briefs styled with lace detailing, the choices are endless and we couldn’t be happier.


Lace Fantasy Blue ThongSweet Allure Pink Thong

It’s the year to dare to be with the return of the thong as the trend of the year. This cheeky panty style was all the rage through the runways, with the exposed-thong being touted as the next big trend. Whether you want to venture to the bold end and play peek-a-boo in your everyday look, or you wish to feel sensuous with your very own lingerie secret, the thong is a definite must-try for everyone this year!

Ultra Violet

Satin Edge Purple ChemisePurple V-Neck Swim Kaftan

All hail Pantone for picking the most fun shade as the colour of the year. Ultraviolet, a dramatic and provocative rendition of purple, has been crowned as the shade of the year, so go ahead and add a zing to your lingerie wardrobe with a dash of this mystical hue. However, if you are not one for bold colours, you can play around with the softer shades and be a part of this exciting trend.


Poetess Lace Red BraSweet Allure Pink Babydoll

What is lingerie, if not the subtle art of the sensuous tease? Well, if tease is the game, sheer is the way to go. Bid farewell to opacity, and say hello to translucent elegance this year with amanté’s Poetess range. Indulge in everyday sheer play with some delicately styled bras and panties, offering the perfect blend of sheer and demi coverage. You can also take the tease up a notch with amanté’s range of satin and sheer nightwear.

There you have it. Your quick fix to the must-try lingerie trends for 2018. So how many have you tried till now?

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